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Bugs that are identified and correction is in progress, last updated: 2014-11-13

No knowned issues

Corrected bugs, published 2014-11-13

Added the driver's log and changed sign (published 2014-11-13)
Now we have changed the logo and added the ability to export a mileage report, we have also been working on the problem of exporting and hope that it will work all the phones now.
Problems export data (Publiched 2013-03-05)
There was problem exporting data, the file does not attach or do not contain any content.
Problem exporting files (Published 2012-10-20)
There is a problem for some phonemodels to export files, verified on Samsung S3
Button to activate autostart (Publiserat 2012-04-16)
In order to fix the issue to not be able to turn off the autostart of the program.
The app starts logging at 00:00 (Published 2012-03-21)
If you not have set a startuptime the program do not recognice the limit to not start the app and the logging starts in the middle of the nigth.
Export / Import of sync file (Published 2012-03-06)
The telephones that do not have a "bluetooth" folder on the SD card, can not access the file used to sync from other phones. Ex. HTC Desire. Tip: Create a folder on the SD card called "bluetooth", add the sync file in this folder, then it should work. (have not had it confirmed that it works.)
Scheduling (Published 2012-03-06)
For some phonesmodels the program does not start automatically at the preset time, something goes wrong during the scheduling.
Validation of saving customer (Published 2012-02-20)
There are errors during validation when trying to save a new customer. Tip: Everything must be completed and to "get position" must be able to download the GPS coordinates, then you can save!