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GPS WorkTime, automatic time organizer

GPS WorkTime

This app is for you that do your work in different places and need to debit your customers pending on the time spent on site.

Time registration

The basic idea is to use GPS'en to find out where you are. The phone automatically inserts the time you spend on the site, with current address and compile it so you can easily get a list of customers / sites you visited, automatic timeregistration. The journey that lies between the sites linked to the customer / the place that the journey ends in, this can then be changed to be linked to the location of charge. On those occasions that the trip is based on something else than what is charged, you can change the destination or the start so that the correct route is charged.

Easy work time tracker

The idea is to start logging in the morning, before you leave home, then logging is started for the day and collect where you are do during the day. Then you return home or at work to go through where you have been during the day, change the name of the places you've been on for the first time, for example, name of the person you have done work for. You can also specify the work that has been done during the day at each customer. You can also export the data to Excel as an driving journal or time report.